Nolan N-Com Gps Wire Zumo "P"

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Nolan N-Com Gps Wire Zumo "P"

Nolan NCom MultiMedia Wire GPS - P.


The Garmin Zumo navigator is equipped with an audio output type 3.5 mm and a microphone input type 2.5 mm.

To carry out the connection, connect the specific Multimedia Wire:
?to the helmet equipped with N-Com Intercom Kit or Bluetooth system of the N-Com, X-Series, MULTI lines using the 3.5 mm (4-pole) connector
to the navigator, using the 3.5mm (3-pole) and 2.5 mm (2-pole) connectors, both equipped with identification band.

During connection to the navigator, you can continue to talk in intercom mode with your passenger. When you receive directions from the navigator, both the rider and the passenger can hear them.

For ALL NCom BlueTooth applications: B4, BT3, B1, BT2.1, BT2 and BT1 - For connection to the satellite navigator, use the Multimedia Wire identified with letter U (code CPA0000000003). Music coming from the Mp3 player of the GPS will be in Mono mode. During cable connection to the GPS, the wireless connection to the Bluetooth mobile phone stays active.

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