Scala Rider G9 Bluetooth Communication Systems

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Scala Rider G9 Bluetooth Communication Systems
The scala rider G9 brings communication in motion to a totally different level. Unprecedented functions and features, merged with a remarkably intuitive user interface make this technological gem a must-have tool for any rider. One of its many unique features is the "One+8" Intercom that offers Voice Command connectivity to as many as eight additional riders within a range of up to1 mile / 1.6 km*. Just say the name of your "Buddy" and converse in full-duplex. The "One+8" Intercom feature is in addition to 4-Way Intercom Conferencing and Click-to-Link for spontaneous connections. Pairing is also faster and easier than ever before: Simply 'bump' two G9 units together and you're ready to hit the road!

Another unique feature is the Cardo Community web platform. Here you can register your G9, invite fellow riders for a tour, or join tours, and personalize most any function of your G9. Upgradable software** will ensure your G9 remains at the forefront of technology. Other new features include Group Signal, allowing you to alert fellow riders of any danger or obstacle on the road and Hot-Dial calling.The G9 also connects to your A2DP-enabled smartphones and MP3 players to stream stereo music or to the built-in FM radio. The radio has smart auto scan and RDS so you won't need to readjust the frequency when travelling long distances.

Technical Specs

• Talk time: up to 13 hours
• Standby time: 7 days
• Charging time: 3 hours
• Radio on time: 8-10 hours
• Compatible with entire scala rider product line
• Certified Waterproof and Dustproof (IP67)

Connectivity Options

• Intercom conferencing with up to 4 other scala rider users (up to 1.6 km in Full Duplex)
• 4-Way (2 drivers and 2 passengers)
• 3-Way (3 separate bikers)
• 2-Way (rider-to-rider or rider-topassenger)
• Intercom "One+8" - toggle between 8 additional G9 users
• Click-to-Link: for spontaneous intercom
• connections with any G4/G9 user
• Mobile Phone Conference Mode (rider, passenger, outside caller)
• Mobile Phone / GPS device
• MP3 Player Stream stereo music via A2DP (cable connection also included for older MP3 players) Plus: Built-in FM radio with RDS, 6 station presets and smart auto scan
• Priority Management: No need to manually disconnect from intercom or music to receive incoming phone calls or GPS instructions!
• iPhone Compatible - iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Intercom conferencing with up to 4 other scala rider users (up to 1.6 km in Full Duplex)*

• Up to 1 mile / 1.6 km* Bike-to-Bike intercom with flip-up antenna for extended range
• 4-Way Intercom Conferencing: 2 bikers and their passengers or 3 separate bikers (Full Duplex)
• "One+8" Intercom toggling: Connect to 8 additional bikers
• Voice Command: Voice recognition technology for true hands-free operation
• Flash-Pairing with other G9 units in 1 second
• Click-to-Link intercom for spontaneous conversation with other G9 / G4 users nearby
• Cardo Community platform for social features, device customisation & software updates
• Group Signal: Send audio signals to up to 8 fellow riders simultaneously
• Emergency/Hot-Dial number (Customisable)
• Multilingual status announcements

Supported Mobile Phone Profiles and Functions

• Make / Receive / Reject calls by voice command or at the push of a button
• A2DP/AVRCP profile for wireless stereo from iPhone or other smartphones
• Conference mode between outside caller, Rider-Passenger

GPS (requires headset profile)

• GPS voice instructions override music, FM Radio & Intercom calls
• Receive GPS navigation instructions

Built-in FM Radio

• Built-in FM Radio with RDS: Receive GPS navigation instructions
• 6 station presets with auto scan
• Automatic selection of the strongest signal
• Radio on time: 8-10 hours
• Automatic radio muting for incoming calls


 Connect wirelessly to A2DP / AVRCP enabled MP3 players for stereo music

Audio Features

• Dual ultra-slim HD speakers
• Self-adjusting speaker volume according to speed & ambient noise (Customisable)
• Packet Loss Concealment: Real-Time compensation of audio losses in challenging environments
• Voice-control for receiving /rejecting incoming mobile or intercom calls (Customisable)
• Digital Signal Processing for advanced audio functionality


• Up to 13 hours talk-time/ 1 week stand-by (recharging from wall outlet or USB connection)
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